Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Newest Work

All of my jewelry is at Lovely Austin right now, however I am getting busy for the holidays and hope to do at least one weekend of E.A.S.T. and maybe the First Thursday in December and a couple of other shows, as well as working on custom bridal orders.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Favorite Things: obscurio

Obscurio was etsy's featured seller today, with good reason. I am enchanted by these bizarre, antique photographs of circus sideshow performers, everyday people of yore, and tintype portraits:

{all images from obscurio's shop}

Saved From the Fire

I stumbled across this today, and I love this new concept. On Etsy, they've started a new project: Saved From the Fire. What if your house was burning down and you could only grab your one most treasured possession? Documenting it with a paragraph and a photograph, readers are contributing theirs to the flickr pool.

I guess this satisfies my voyeurism into other people's lives. I am stumped trying to think of my one object... But I will get back to you soon...

What would be the one thing that you save?

I am back! Just Married!

I am back in Austin! The wedding was an amazing whirlwind, that was so much fun. My amazing friends and family helped up pull the whole thing off, decorating and helping and being awesome every time I turned around.

It was such a wonderful day--and whole wedding weekend--that flew by in a heartbeat!

I have lots to share about the wedding and awesome honeymoon after in Maui, Hawaii, but I will save them for another day when the jet lag has finally has worn off. A couple of my favorite photos taken by my friends in the meantime: