Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Affordable DIY Save the Date Postcards

I'm cross-posting this from my other wedding blog... After I started talking to the blogger behind Oh So Beautiful Paper (a great site!) after commenting on the Spanish Garden Party Save the Dates post because I was loving on their Save the Dates ( I have yet come to calling them STDs as it seems many wedding bloggers, do!) and color scheme.

I thought I'd share with you my easy way to make Save the Date postcards on the cheap.

All it took was a little design research into what I liked, a little dabbling in Photoshop, a papel picado graphic that I tinted to match some aqua paper flowers I am using since we are having a bit of a fiesta/Dia de Los Muertos theme, a fun carnival font from

I was able to order 100 postcards for less than $37 at Vistaprint!! (Not including shipping and handling).

Now if only addressing and mailing them was that easy! Thanks to google docs' address web form, I am having some help with getting my address book into fighting shape.

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  1. Those ar so cute! I may order them for Twitch purposes, rather than STDs (stupid acronym btw) though.