Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey Austin Crafters! Check out Crafting Comfort

Crafting Comfort is a network of volunteers in the Central Texas area. Volunteers contribute thousands of hours each year making handcrafted items designed to provide comfort.
Volunteers come from all walks of life, young and old, sewing enthusiasts, knitters, crocheters, scrap bookers and many other varied interests. Their common goal is to provide comfort to those in need. Our volunteers understand how a warm quilt or a handcrafted toy can provide security in stressful situations. Handcrafts made with love and concern for the recipient provide their own healing power.

Here are current projects at the Charity Craft Center:
  • Medical Play Dolls - need 70 a month
  • Receiving blankets - need 50 per month
  • Kids surgical caps - need 20 per month
  • Breast Cancer Heart Pillows - need 20 per month
  • Breast Cancer Eye Sachets - need 30 per month
  • Breast Cancer Camisoles - need 20 per month
 This sounds like an awesome way to use your craftiness for a good cause!

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