Friday, July 23, 2010

News, a Party, and Favorite Things

Sorry I have been AWOL! Big work deadlines and wedding planning make a girl no fun! I hope to have a bunch of new jewelry of my own by November, in time for EAST, a show at a friend's house, and the holidays. We'll see how that goes. I am also looking into classes to further my jewelry-making education (whether that's a MFA or just classes). In the meantime, my whole line is on display at Lovely Austin and they are having a PARTY on the 31st! I sure will be ready to celebrate that day as my work deadlines will have just passed!

Now for some new Favorite Things...

I am a big fan of this metalsmith from NOLA's two shops: Adorn & Conquer! & Ya betta' supa don't!
She uses metal to make jewelry about the issues and things she's passionate about, and I think that's awesome!

Adorn & Conquer is art for the body, jewelry for activists, and adornment with a message:

{SAVE THE GULF sea turtle necklace}

Every sale will donation $5-$10 (depending on piece) to the National Audubon Society, to help with the gulf spill oiled animal cleaning.

I had to buy this one, below, yesterday; can't wait for it to arrive! 


I have been so distraught about the situation in the gulf with Kemp's Ridley sea turtles... 

I love a purchase that will help these amazing creatures...

As a long-time SCUBA diver, I have a long-time love of sea turtles, and encountering them in the wild--on two occasions--has been among my luckiest and favorite moments in life. My sweet fiance even has a tattooed sea turtle on his shoulder! (The first time I saw that on our fourth date at Barton Springs, I knew he was a man after my heart. ;))


Here are some other awesome finds from her shops:

Ya betta' supa don't! has more of her work, lots of it centering on NOLA themes:

I want this one, too! 

{crab love necklace}



{Nola Shotgun Necklace}


That's all for today. 

Talk soon!


Shanna, SoCoDivka Designs


  1. This is so awesome, thanks shanna!

    I'll offer a $2.00 discount to any purchase made by a follower of this blog. TYPE CODE: SHANNA!

  2. Fantastic Maria! Thanks for the great offer for my readers!