Thursday, August 19, 2010

one crafter's renegade craft fair experience, craft shows, doing it all!

I found this post great:
monkeysalwayslook: my renegade craft fair experience

I have been intimidated by Renegade and the bigger shows, so this makes it feel doable! And even maybe worth it profitably!
Plus, I learned I need to stand up at my next show. Long days and shyness aside! :)


Here's another helpful post, too from :

how well should you do at craft shows?


Perfect timing, considering there's an email in my inbox from a new gallery about being chosen for a show in December... I want to do it! Now to find the time to do the things I love (make stuff!) in the midst of trying to make a wedding happen and working so hard all day! 

Here's some reader questions...

How do you juggle your crafty business if it's not your only business? 

And do you have any tips for craft shows?


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