Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pinterest & DIY

Are any of you as obsessed with Pinterest as I am?

I am loving the fact, I can save DIY tutorials and inspiration for later, and it's perfect for me since I am a very visually minded person. I've started inspiration boards for DIY & crafts, for inspiration for custom wedding party jewelry designs, inspired weddings for my Nostalgia Film blog, photography, things I covet, other random design & inspiration, and more (food, travel, etc.). Here are some of my favorite DIY projects I am saving for a rainy day (though it may be a while since there's a major drought in Texas!):

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Also, unrelated, The Frisky (a site I love and freelanced for) is having Get a Hobby Week and asking: Readers, Tell Us About Your Hobbies!


  1. OMG Pinterest is so addictive! LOVE it!

    Enjoy August Break!

  2. Yes, highly addictive!
    Thanks! August Break's been fun so far! Just shot some film on my Holga this weekend, I can't wait to see...