Friday, May 7, 2010

Simple Online Accounting for Crafters

One of the biggest things that scared me about starting my own small crafting business was what if I were to actually make more than $600 in a year and be forced to file for taxes!? Somehow, despite being born to a mom who was a valedictorian in math, I ended up a creative type, wonderful with words and artsy endeavors. Math is lost on me, and not just that I don't enjoy it and that it doesn't come easily, it gives me full-on anxiety! 

So, I was thrilled to have just found I just started using it. It provides FREE software that allows you to easily import from online accounts to put your bookkeeping on autopilot and prepare taxes and gives you up-to-the-moment reports for profit and loss, income, and expenses. So hopefully tax time next year (despite the added stress of combining finances and marriage for the first time!), won't be so stressful thanks to my little craft biz.

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