Thursday, September 30, 2010

One last post! Wedding Shoes...

This post over at Modish, inspired one last post of my own.

(Plus I have so much nervous energy that I cannot do a thing with right now: I have flowers that need arranging, and decorations that need organizing, and reception clothes and honeymoon clothes that need packing, but my hands are tied 'til almost 8pm tonight and we leave in the a.m.! So in the listless meantime... why not think about shoes! OMG shoes!)

Modish posted her own adorable wedding shoes that she will wear in just five days by Poetic Licence.

I LOVE the red ones, too!

Here are mine, by Seychelles... to wear in just two!
And my reception boots for dancin' up a storm!

It's absolutely a funny coincidence that two of my favorite bloggers--Modish & Oh, Hello, Friend--and I are all getting married in the same week! The latter is having lovely guest blog posts the whole time she is away...

That's it for me for now... 
Talk to you in a couple of weeks! 

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